Small Schools Newsletter, September 2015



Additional release time for all permanent beginning teachers


Permanent beginning teachers are entitled to an additional two hours of release time per week and then one hour per week in their second year of teaching. The permanent beginning teacher's mentor is entitl

ed to one additional hour per week of release time in the beginning teacher's first year. This additional release time is an example of Gonski funding benefiting teachers. Federation is pursuing the same entitlement for beginning teachers on temporary appointments.



Protection of small school principal positions


Federation has issued an Industrial Bulletin addressing many concerns raised by small school principals about the impending principal reclassification.


Once-in-a-generation opportunity


Persuading the Federal Government to fully fund the 5th and 6th years of the program is vital, so all school communities are asked to be active in the I Give a Gonski campaign.


Recess, closure and amalgamations of schools


A school to recommence operations, the Closure of public schools in NSW inquiry, the correct procedures when school is under threat of closure, plus the growing list of school closures.


Performance and Development Framework


On September 1 Federation sent all members important information concerning the Performance and Development Framework. Contained in the email was an update of current issues concerning the Performance and Development Framework, a poster to display which provides concise information on key aspects of the Performance and Development Framework and an article on the increasing politicisation and subsequent educational irrelevance of AITSL.

Please take the time to access these important resources and familiarise yourself with the contents.


Primary executive release


It is Federation's long held position that primary executive release time should be allocated on the same basis as secondary schools: a guaranteed, legally protected staffing entitlement for every executive position.

Federation has been campaigning for primary executive release to be guaranteed by the award for many years. This campaign will continue and specific attention will be focused on seeking guaranteed release time for teaching principals.


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