Survey results

Central Schools Newsletter, November 2015

Results from the committee's survey of delegates at the 2014 Central Schools Conference revealed issues for the Central Schools Committee to be pursued.

Interesting findings were:

Issue of most concern in your school

*36 per cent of respondents chose the lack of support services for students with behaviour issues

*18 per cent stated additional release time for assistant principals

*12 per cent felt that the availability of casuals was of most concern

*12 per cent of respondents identified access to professional learning

*Remaining respondents were equally concerned with Teacher Housing Authority availability, the provision of full time specialists like careers advisers and teacher-librarians and lastly work health and safety issues.



*59 per cent of respondents stated enrolments at their school were falling

*27 per cent indicated enrolments were increasing

*14 per cent responded that enrolments were stable.


How enrolments affect curriculum

*44 per cent of delegates surveyed felt the school struggled to maintain relevant curriculum

*46 per cent of respondents thought the curriculum was maintained

*10 per cent of respondents felt the curriculum had expanded.


Teaching outside your KLA

*36 per cent of respondents indicated most teachers teach outside of their key learning area (KLA)

*61 per cent of those surveyed said some teachers teach outside their KLA

*3 per cent stated teachers never teach outside their KLA.


Bus transporting past your school

*74 per cent of delegates surveyed said they had publicly-funded buses transport students away from their school.


Casual shortages

*26 per cent of delegates felt they had a regular shortage of casuals

*61 per cent responded with sometimes

*13 per cent indicated they never have trouble finding casual teachers.


Casual shortages restricting professional learning

*50 per cent of respondents felt the lack of casuals did affect professional learning opportunities.


Difficulty filling permanent vacancies

*89 per cent of those surveyed indicated they did not have unfilled vacancies.


Links with other schools under the 'Rural and Remote Education: A blueprint for action'

*38 per cent of respondents indicated they had made links with other schools.


Federation Workplace Committees

*60 per cent of respondents indicated their school had elected a Federation Workplace Committee.

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