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Quotable Quotes

"Information literacy is the single most pervasive educational issue for the 21st century". Bundy 2000

"What is lacking is recognition by educrats and governments that information literacy, not information technology, is the key educational issue of the so called information age. Schools need to have information literacy development integrated into the curriculum and facilitated by access to a wide range of resources mediated by qualified teacher librarians. There is increasing evidence of improved learning outcomes if this occurs".

Bundy 2000

"Data and information is moving faster, and becoming cheaper to acquire. It is also becoming a tsunami, requiring new measures of human discipline, scepticism and information literacy. The thrill of acquiring or distributing information quickly must not be confused with the more demanding task of converting it into knowledge and wisdom".

Bundy 2000

"Most people do not surf the net. They dog paddle in a Sargasso Sea of data, and are washed upon the websites of false prophets".

Business Librarian

"Funds have been provided for hardware, software and connectivity but have not been matched by funds for the staff - the information professionals - to support, market and help exploit these installations. The result inevitably is a limited return being received on the investment in technology and connectivity..."

Bundy 2000

"We're all too good at defining what are the curriculum benchmarks we want, without in parallel defining what are the resourcing benchmarks we want which will enable us to achieve those outcomes... I think it's time we learnt from constituencies like Canada, who I think are unique in their policy position in that they understand if they want to achieve a certain economic position in the year 2025, what are they going to be doing for the 0- to 8-year-old now?"

Tom Hardy

"The case study had as its foundation a vision in which information, information literacy, information technology, the school library and information literate students should be at the centre of the intellectual life of the school, and one which is shared by the whole school community."

Todd 1995

"Let's get it right. RFF; sorely needed, is for relief where teachers teach; in the classroom. The library is not a teacher's classroom, and is therefore not to be used as a substitute for teaching in the classroom. If the Teacher-Librarian is relegated to the role of a classroom teacher, professional services to teachers and ultimately students are forfeited. Using the library for RFF prevents teachers from accessing the library as a learning and resource centre, and prevents the Teacher-Librarian from providing meaningful teaching and learning of information literacy in context."

Assistant Principal, 2001

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