Update 6 July 2012

Email 6 July 2012

To: NSW Teachers Federation Members
Officers Consultants & Advisers Association (OCAA)

Dear Colleagues

The Federation is acutely aware that members in state office positions are awaiting advice on the response of the DEC to the feedback provided to the DDG Schools on the proposed ‘realignment’.  A pressing concern is the question of what revisions will be made to the draft organisational charts.

The DEC has advised the Federation that revised org charts will not be finalised this week and may not be published on the DEC site until some time next week. This is contrary to what the DEC had advised the Federation and other unions in briefings late last week and earlier this week. This delay necessarily brings into question the precise detail of the remainder of what was advised to the unions, in separate briefings, and as reported in various emails circulating. It is prudent to treat advance reports of DEC information with caution until the DEC releases the information in writing.

When the org charts are released, the DEC proposes to have a short period of consultation. Members are asked to again email their responses to the DEC, CC the Federation on ocaa@nswtf.org.au. Members with urgent concerns should telephone the Federation.

Members are congratulated for the strength of their opposition to the state office ‘realignment’, draft organisational charts and job cuts. This has occurred at a time when many OCAA members are under considerable personal stress and uncertainty due to the job losses.

At the Annual Conference of the NSW Teachers Federation earlier this week, decisions and delegates condemned the loss of state office teaching service and public service positions. Conference reiterated the importance of exposing and opposing these cuts as an integral part of the Federation’s campaign against the state government’s Local Schools Local Decisions / Local Cuts Local Blame cost cutting agenda.

Federation members remain resolute in their determination to oppose the LSLD cuts, in defence of public education teachers, students and parents. Participation by all members in the union’s campaign is vital. Please go to www.nswtf.org.au regularly for the latest information on the campaign.


David Ferguson
NSW Teachers Federation

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