Voluntary redundancy for permanent NSBTS officers

One impact of the significant job cuts occurring among non school based teaching service positions is that some permanent NSBTS officers will be left without a position. Following from disputation lodged by the Federation in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, in December 2012 to January 2013 the union entered into discussions with the Department regarding access to voluntary redundancy as an additional option for such members. Agreement was reached formally in January and in March the Department put the scheme in place. Below is a copy of the information available on the Department's FAQ site.

16. Will permanent NSBTS officers whose position has been deleted and have not been placed in a position be offered a voluntary redundancy option? If yes, when would Expressions of Interest in voluntary redundancy be sought?

Expressions of interest in voluntary redundancy can only be sought from permanent employees under an approved voluntary redundancy program in accordance with the Public Service Commission's Voluntary Redundancy Program Guidelines. Permanent NSBTS staff who have not been placed in a permanent or temporary position after step 2 of the Public Schools placement process (or equivalent step in other area's placement process) will have the option of responding to an invitation to express interest in accepting a voluntary redundancy offer.

The voluntary redundancy program will only apply to permanent NSBTS employees affected by the organisational change processes arising from existing realignments. The Department will not undertake a process of job swaps to allow employees unaffected by the realignment/restructure to express an interest in accepting a voluntary redundancy.

A permanent NSBTS employee who accepts an appointment to a permanent or temporary position in a school or a state or regional office will not be eligible to receive an offer of voluntary redundancy under the voluntary redundancy program.

An offer of voluntary redundancy is not able to be made in circumstances where its acceptance would bring forward action that was already certain, or could reasonably be predicted. For example, where an employee has already submitted their resignation/retirement notice.

Updated 13 March

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