Wear It Purple Day

LGBTIQ Newsletter - August 2016

Wear It Purple has a simple message: “You have the right to be proud of who you are!” The student-led organisation believes everyone has the right to live and learn in a safe and supportive environment where diversity is valued and everyone feels included. They encourage schools to use Wear It Purple Day on Friday August 26 as an opportunity to make this commitment known to their school community.

Research shows that bullying and discrimination against rainbow young people (i.e. young people who are LGBTIQ or questioning) in schools has increased over time. This can result in reduced participation at school, reduced wellbeing and poor health outcomes.

Celebrating Wear It Purple Day can contribute to a more inclusive school culture as it can be used as a platform for conversations about inclusion, discrimination and bullying. It can also provide an opportunity to practise important social and emotional skills to develop a sense of shared responsibility for keeping classrooms and school communities safe, respectful and inclusive for all members.

Wear It Purple Day, and the lead-up to it, can be used as an extended opportunity to discuss ways to embrace diversity in your community and increase awareness of the issues faced by diverse families, students and teachers.

While many high schools have celebrated Wear It Purple Day, an increasing number of primary schools have also used this opportunity to instil and nurture positive attitudes and respect for individual, family and cultural differences, including diversity related to family composition, gender identity, and same-sex attraction.

Wear It Purple will have a number of resources available to registered schools including posters and other printable promotional material, wristbands, and information on how to run a Wear It Purple Day or extend your Wear It Purple activities.

Click here to register your event and receive information. Stay updated as Wear It Purple Day approaches and obtain free resources for schools.

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