2019 Sam Lewis Peace Awards

Win a Grand Prize of $500 or other prizes from a $4000 pool by entering this year’s Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards, open to students in NSW public schools and post-school educational sites


Peace is about bringing us together locally and gobally.

Who can enter

Students in public education settings including all public schools, TAFE colleges and other post-school sites are eligible to enter.

Entries may be made in the following divisions:

  • TAFE/Corrective Services/Post Schools
  • Years 11–12
  • Years 7–10
  • Years 3–6
  • Years K–2


Entries may take many forms, including posters, poetry, short stories, performances or multimedia (Power Point/DVD/video).

Also acceptable are entries that depict larger relevant projects that relate to the competition’s theme, for example: special events, special performances and special days.

In general, essays should not exceed 1000 words. Performances and multimedia entries should be kept as brief as possible for judging purposes. All entries must address the criteria/theme.


Entries should be forwarded to:

Theo Bougatsas
Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Committee
NSW Teachers Federation
Locked Bag 3010, Darlinghurst 1300
or via email at mail@nswtf.org.au

Please include the following information with your submission:

  • Student name
  • Age
  • Year/Grade
  • Best contact email
  • Division you would like to enter
  • School name
  • Best contact number
  • Teacher name and email (if you are sending on behalf of a student)

Entries close on Friday 30 August, 2019

Entries will be retained by Federation so please keep a copy of your entry for yourselves. Federation reserves the right to use entries at its discretion including exhibition and publication.

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