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Important TAFE EA 2022 information session

All TAFE members are invited to attend one of these TAFE Enterprise Agreement 2022 Campaign information sessions via Teams over the coming week. Federation officers will be conducting eight EA information sessions from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 August - please choose one session that best suits your schedule. Location: Via TEAMS. The link to these sessions were emailed to you last week from postschools@nswtf.org.au.

NSW Teachers Federation members of TAFE Teachers Association are now engaged in bargaining for new Enterprise Agreements.

After numerous exchanges of correspondence and discussions with TAFE NSW, Federation successfully negotiated the provision of the Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR), which this month kickstarted the bargaining for employees covered under two new EAs:

It is important that all members keep up to date with the latest Federation news, advice and The Monday Minute so you can discuss these issues with your colleagues at work and local union meetings.

Salary and Working Conditions

The revised wage cap of 2.53 per cent for 2 years and 2 per cent in the third year continues to represent a pay cut in real terms for NSW public servants, including TAFE teachers.

Given that the legislated annual increases of 0.5 per cent in the Superannuation Guarantee Charge have to date formed part of the wage increase, there is little difference from the previous inadequate wage cap.

Recently the Fair Work Commission raised the minimum wage by 5.2 per cent and the Reserve Bank of Australia reports inflation for July at 6.1 per cent with expectations to reach 7.75 per cent by the end of the year demonstrating just how inadequate the revised state wages policy is.

In response, Federation will be pursuing the following outcomes in bargaining for a replacement Enterprise Agreement:

  • Defending your working conditions – retention of all existing working conditions including those covered in the current Administrative Arrangements.
  • Ensuring job security – strengthening requirements for use of secure forms of employment by way of temporary and permanent positions.
  • Seeking fairer wages – an immediate increase to parity with equivalent schools’ salary scales through a salary and allowance increase.
  • More sustainable workloads – pursue an undertaking to reinstate a staffing agreement for TAFE

To support our campaign for new EAs, members can help by holding branch meetings at their local colleges and encouraging potential members to attend. Growing membership density builds strength and involves everyone in the bargaining process.

Did you know the most common reason why people are not a member of a union is no one has ever asked them? Now is the time to ask your colleagues the question: “Are you a member of Federation?” and if the answer is “No”, have a membership form ready!

Potential members wishing to join the NSW Teachers Federation can also do so online here.

Members seeking assistance to hold a branch meeting should contact their local college Federation Representative, TAFE Organiser, TAFE TA President or TAFE TA Secretary.

It is essential that members' contact details held by Federation are up to date. If your personal details, such as work or home address, preferred email and/or phone numbers have changed you must contact Federation's membership section on (02) 9217 2100 or email membership@nswtf.org.au as soon as possible.

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TAFE EA 2022 information session

Date   Times
Monday 15 August 12pm
Tuesday 16 August 8am
Wednesday 17 August 1pm
Thursday 18 August 1.30pm

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