1. Teachers and other educational personnel employed in any area of public education should be members of the New South Wales Teachers Federation and uphold Federation's policy.

  2. Members should aim to improve the working conditions of all Federation members.

  3. Members should be loyal to colleagues at all times and refrain from adversely criticising them in the hearing of the public or students.

  4. Members should not take part in any undesirable competitions or activities which pit member against member and one school or educational institution against another in unhealthy rivalry.

  5. Members should not use their social, civic and political activities as a means of obtaining favour or preferment in the profession.

  6. A member should not use the press, radio or television as a means of concentrating public and employer attention on her/his own individual work.

  7. Members should zealously guard civil liberties and support colleagues in defending those rights.

  8. Members should foster the spirit of co-operation among students and co-operate with parents, employers and community groups in the advancement of pupils.

  9. No member should, in the hearing of other members or of students, criticise the work of other members. Comments by members in supervisory positions of the work of each teacher should be made directly and privately to the member concerned.

  10. Members should discourage the participation of students in public activity which have a commercial aim or background.

  11. Members shall not engage in harassment, victimisation or intimidation of other members or students.

  12. Members shall not engage in any form of racist behaviour, comments and dissemination of racist material.

Amended Code of Ethics as per the Executive decision of 1 July 1986.

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