Social media guidelines

For member reference, Federation’s social media channels are moderated according to the following guidelines:

  • Federation engages with social media as a way to keep our members and interested members of the public up to date on issues affecting education.
  • We ask that everyone be civil and courteous to others on the page, including those you disagree with.
  • Constructive discussion and debate are welcome, but we ask all to please ensure contributions are on topic and appropriate to the discussion at hand.
  • The Facebook page is not the place to post complaints or grievances. Both Federation and the Department of Education have processes for submitting complaints that should be used when required.
  • Any posts that repeat the same comments, or otherwise spam the page with repeated or off-topic posts will be deleted.
  • Any posts to Federation’s pages that promote unaffiliated activities or businesses will be deleted
  • The views expressed in any user-submitted comments are those of the author and may not reflect those of Federation.
  • Federation reserves the right to delete any comments, or block any users, determined to be in breach of these guidelines — particularly in the case of comments that are sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise engage in prejudicial attacks against others.
  • Any comments that violate these terms or the Facebook Code of Conduct Terms of Use will be blocked and if necessary reported to Facebook.
  • Federation will close comments on social media posts after 72 hours to prevent harmful, defamatory or otherwise unlawful user contributions.
  • Members who are blocked from a Federation page may appeal to the General Secretary in writing.

Further to these guidelines, please note that while moderators may respond to posts on Facebook, neither public posts nor private messages constitute official Federation communication channels.

If you are a member and require information or assistance about a workplace matter, please contact your workplace representative, local Organiser, or our Professional Support office.