Trade Union Training

The union’s core training program focuses on skills development for activists and members in elected positions in workplaces and associations. Specific training is available for: 

  • Federation Representatives and Women’s Contacts in workplaces 
  • Elected Association positions, such as President, Secretary or Councillor. 

There are conferences throughout the year to support professional learning and union activity for specific groups of members, such as Principals, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members, New Activists, and more. 

We also offer webinars and local Association hosted seminars on a range of topics according to campaigning and professional needs of members. 

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For members accepted into Trade Union Training courses and conferences: 

  • Paid Trade Union Training Leave is available from the employer to attend (where applicable, up to a maximum of 12 days in two years). 
  • Federation will pay the cost of a casual teacher to cover the absence. 
  • If necessary, Federation will cover the cost of travel and accommodation to facilitate attendance (in line with Federation’s Travel and Accommodation Policy).