Our teachers deserve more than thanks

These days, teachers do more than ever. Teachers now work 60 hours a week, or more, to keep up with greater student needs, more admin tasks and constant curriculum changes.

Workload coupled with uncompetitive salaries are taking their toll with almost 3000 permanent teaching positions now vacant in NSW public schools, according to the Government’s own data.

Two thirds of teachers have told the Government they are burnt out and 60 per cent are looking to leave in the next five years due to workload pressure.

That’s despite the Government being warned NSW is “facing a large and growing shortage of teachers” that is only going to get worse with rising enrolments, an ageing workforce and a 30 per cent decline in the number studying to become a teacher.

Teachers’ salaries just haven’t kept pace. In fact, they’ve fallen way behind other professions.

A fact made worse by the Perrottet Government’s decision to cap pay increases at 2.53 per cent a year when inflation is 7.3 per cent.

The decision flies in the face of its own research that shows the uncompetitive salaries of teachers is a key reason why the number of people studying to become a teacher has plummeted.

That’s why the NSW Teachers Federation is asking for a much-needed pay rise. Because without great teachers, our kids don’t get a great education.

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