Posted: 21 May 2015
Chilean Education Minister Nicolas Eyzaguirre Thursday reaffirmed the government's commitment to ending private education. "The pursuit of...
Posted: 27 November 2014
Charter schools, on average, don’t have an academic advantage over traditional public schools, but they do have a significant risk of leading...
Posted: 9 October 2014
Pennsylvania's charter schools are rife with fraud and mismanagement, as anyone who reads local newspapers knows. But a new report from the...
Posted: 22 September 2014
Checks and balances on how academy schools in England spend large amounts of public money are "too weak", research commissioned by MPs has...
Posted: 7 August 2014
After an initial pilot scheme in 2012 for those with degrees, run through the Graduate Teacher Programme, Troops to Teachers formally launched...
Posted: 30 July 2014
An academies trust led by a former government adviser has been told too many of its schools are underperforming and not improving fast enough. Ofsted...
Posted: 29 July 2014
Recently, there has been growing pushback against corporate reform from elements in the Democratic Party. Donna Brazile, a longtime strategist, this...

Join the
Teachers Federation

I joined the Federation because I’m proud to be a part of an organisation campaigning so hard for a quality education system in NSW.

Rhiannon Davis, Sydney Boys High School

The Federation will be my closest colleague for the life of my teaching career.

Alexandra Olechnowicz, Keiraville Public School

Being a member of the Union has allowed me to build a large network of likeminded individuals.

Amanda Kowalczyk, Ajuga School

I joined the Federation so I could continue the passion in striving for better learning conditions for all of my students, just like my teachers in public school did for me.

Cameron Gough, Terrigal High School Science teacher

I joined Federation because I’m passionate about public education as well as the working rights of teachers.

Kate Mulheron, Chester Hill High School

I joined the Federation to become a part of a voice for the rights of public education.

Susan O’Keefe, Scotts Head Public School

I joined the Federation because I wanted to be part of a union that advocates the rights of our students and teachers in NSW public schools.

Lidia Alvarado, Bidwill Public School

I joined the Federation to continue the hard work and success of the teachers before me. To maintain and improve teachers working conditions and to fight for the best education for all of our students.

Kylie Speedy, Gunnedah South Public School

I joined Federation to be a part of the activism to support Public Education and to put my students first.

Kelly Campbell, Rooty Hill High School

NSW Teachers Federation is the one organisation we can rely on to continue fighting for the rights of public education.

Kyl Churchill, Moree East Public School

To network and support public education and fight for social justice to meet the needs of the whole school community.

Christopher Marques, Chifley College Mt Druitt Campus

I joined Teachers Federation to help campaign for Public Education and the communities it serves.

Guy McDermott, Woonona High School

The Teachers Federation has supported me as a beginning teacher. I joined to be part of a greater voice that works to protect public education and its teachers.

Bianca Low, Dulwich Hill Public School

I joined the Union to be surrounded by likeminded individuals and professionals.

Heath Louey, Hurstville Public School

I Joined the Teachers Federation to support the working environment of teachers and to ensure the best opportunities for our students.

Michael Murdoch, Wilcannia High School