Last updated 10 January 2024

Federation is very concerned by the recent rise in cases of COVID-19 in NSW, amidst a backdrop of almost no public health restrictions.

Federation advises members to do the following to minimise the risk to themselves, their colleagues and their loved ones:

  • if unwell seek a PCR test where possible to be linked into support from NSW Health, especially for those who are immune-compromised
  • if PCR is not available, use Rapid Antigen Tests
  • if COVID-positive take the necessary sick leave while unwell and symptomatic. Contact Federation where additional sick leave is required.
  • call the Incident Report and Support hotline at 1800 811 523 to register positive results to support the ongoing monitoring of case numbers as well as to connect to individualised support including workers’ compensation (noting that unions in NSW including the Federation have successfully retained the law that education workers are automatically presumed to have contracted it in the course of their employment) 
  • wear a mask at school
  • minimise unnecessary gatherings  as much as possible
  • ask your principal to contact the Department’s Asset Management Unit if there are ongoing concerns about adequate ventilation in your workplace  

Members are encouraged to contact Federation’s Professional Support section on 1300 654 367 for further advice and support if they have specific questions about COVID-19 and their individual circumstances.