Membership rates

The current (2023) full-time membership fee for a permanent teacher is $945.03 ($36.35 per fortnight). The full-time temporary teacher rate is $630.02 ($24.23 per fortnight).

Reduced rates apply to casual, part-time, retired and student teachers. A variety of payment options are available including direct debit and credit card payments.

To view the Membership rates for Schools click here.

To view the Membership rates for TAFE click here.

Please note that if you are currently employed on a part-time temporary engagement and are working day-to-day casual on the other days of the week, you will only be required to pay the part-time temporary fees but you will be automatically covered for all the work you carry out as a casual teacher in NSW public schools.

If you are currently appointed part-time permanent and work part-time temporarily on other days of the week, please contact the membership section to be advised of a combined rate that will ensure you are fully protected.

Please remember your Federation fees do not cover any work you may do as a teacher in a non-government school. 

To support early career teachers entering the profession, any new member joining the NSW Teachers Federation can receive 10 Weeks Free Membership. This is for any public school teachers employed by the NSW Department of Education, TAFE and/or correctional services.

To qualify for 10 Weeks Free membership you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a new member of the NSW Teachers Federation,
  2. Previously have not been a member of the NSW Teachers Federation (excluding student membership),
  3. Pay Federation membership fees by Direct Debit or Auto Credit Card fortnightly.

The 10 Weeks free will automatically be applied to new members joining who meet the criteria above. Once you have joined and Federation has received one successful fortnightly payment, the ten weeks free offer will automatically be applied.

Members may also be eligible for Federation to reimburse their $100 NESA fee in their first year of membership.

Click here to join online. Or download a membership form below.

The way members pay their Part-Time Casual TAFE membership with the NSW Teachers Federation has changed.

What are the changes?

From 2023, casual fees will be a flat fortnightly payment of $12.12, regardless of the hours you work.

Your fees for the January and February period 2023 have been waived, to allow you time to make the switch to direct debit.

  • Fees will no longer be payable via Payroll Deduction. This ensures that your membership remains between you and your union & not with your employer
  • The annual maximum fee has dropped from $600 (2022) to $315 (2023)

Fees are now payable via:

  • Fortnightly Direct Debit
  • Fortnightly or monthly Auto Credit Card
  • Quarterly, half yearly or yearly invoices

This is a significant drop in membership fees. However, for members who work minimal hours throughout the calendar year, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund depending on the hours worked.

Or via:

  • Calling Federation’s Membership team on 1300 654 363
  • Fill out a Switch Form and post back to Federation