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Your career  worth the investment

By becoming a member of the NSW Teachers Federation you will be joining a union that continues to deliver improved working conditions and a quality public education system. In addition, the Federation has a range of benefits and services for members. The journal ‘Education’ posted to you, keeps you informed of the latest developments in education and services available to members. Our website ( also contains the latest news and information, plus you can pay your membership fees online. The Federation Library provides members with a comprehensive range of publications on education.
The Federation prides itself on successfully campaining with teachers for a quality public education system.

The improvements achieved in public schools and colleges across NSW are a direct result of Federation policy democratically developed by members.

The Federation is committed to building a strong public education systems that not only benefits teachers, students and parents, but the whole community

The Anna Stewart Affirmative Action program provides opportunities to increase the involvement of women in the union.

The Eric Pearson Study grant is awarded annually to a member to undertake research in Australia or overseas on issues of practical significance to members.

The Federation also provides Trade Union Training Courses where members have access to paid relief to attend a variety of courses to develop your skills and union knowledge.


As a member, you will be entitled to a full range of workplace and professional support services.

Over the phone information and advice about your rights and entitlements at work is available from the Communications room. You can also get advice and assistance from the elected Federation Representative at your workplace or from your Federation Organiser.

Excellent benefits for members from the Teachers Health fund at competitive rates.
If you need assistance from a situation arising from work, then the Federation can provide you with appropriate legal representation. Teachers Mutual Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services at competitive rates.
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