Comprehending the world of poetry for your classroom

How to create a poetry-loving classroom and meet K-6 syllabus outcomes will be covered in a Centre for Professional Learning course on May 1.

The course will explore reading, writing and comprehending poetry, mention a variety of poems to share with students and strategies for developing students’ writing of poetry.

How to use poetry in key learning areas other than English will be discussed, plus how to plan a unit of work to teach poetry.

Course presenters will recommend resources for lesson preparation and use in the classroom.

Participants will engage in reading and writing poetry during the course. When the course was run in October 2016, participants were asked to write a quick poem using a specific structure that had been provided. Here is one of them, published with anonymity.

Permanent, Secure
Sleeping, Waking, Teaching
Settled, Peaceful, Unsettled, Restless
Sleeping, Waking, Waiting
Anxious, Scattered

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