NESA Syllabus Development Consultation

NESA has announced a review of the process to develop NSW Syllabuses. The Consultation process consists of an online survey which may be completed on the NESA Website.

The Federation encourages members to complete the survey online. 

Federation policy emphasises the importance of NSW teachers having direct input into the syllabuses they teach. The current process provides these opportunities.

Members are encouraged to complete the survey and emphasise the importance of:

  • genuine consultation with teachers by maintaining current processes including face to face consultation meetings
  • the maintenance of representative syllabus committees to inform the work of the NESA Curriculum and Assessment Committees
  • an extended period of consultation on syllabuses.  An initial draft should be provided for consultation then redrafted for further consultation and consideration by the representative syllabus committees
  • a clear timeline for implementation of any new syllabus that provides, at a minimum, one year for schools to undertake planning and preparation
  • NESA providing quality resources for planning, preparation and implementation and releasing in a timely fashion relevant support materials and resources.
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