Retired Teachers Association news

Exciting year ahead

This year marks the 100th birthday of Federation and will be an important time for everyone who supports public education and trade unionism. In keeping with the themes of “celebration, preservation and engagement”, there are a number of exciting events planned to mark the milestone. Exhibitions, research projects, picnic days, competitions, history presentations and features in Education are just a few of the things we can look forward to.

Why not join us?

Have you recently retired or close to retiring? Retiring Federation members can maintain their interest in education by joining the RTA. We have more than 5000 members with monthly meetings that raise and discuss important issues. There are regular visits to galleries, cultural exhibitions and places of interest throughout the year as well as organised lunches. And you’ll make many new friends.

Meet our guests

Sydney RTA monthly meetings are preceded by guest speakers. Topics range from wildlife genomics, the Children’s Medical Research Institute, the Cancer Council of NSW, the Exodus Foundation, the Red Cross and asylum seekers, to challenges to public broadcasting and threats to civil liberties.

Aboriginal education issues

Cindy Berwick and Anne Dennis, from the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), addressed members before our February meeting. Cindy and Anne provided a history of the AECG and outlined its programs and ever-present challenges. The AECG was founded in 1977 and one of its prime roles is to provide advice on all matters relevant to Aboriginal education. Significantly, the Local Schools, Local Decisions management strategy has led to a decline in support for Aboriginal education in some schools.

Fair trade

At the February meeting, Ian Massingham warned the recently formulated Pacific Agreement on Close Economic Relations should not be approved before a closer investigation of its potential effect on smaller Pacific countries. AFTINet is concerned such countries may have been coerced into an arrangement that is of no real benefit.

Railing against deadlock

At Combined Retired Union Members Association’s January meeting, Ron Denham reported CRUMA is to update the Why you need a Union booklet. With the recent proposed industrial action by rail workers, it was suggested their 6 per cent wage rise claim was modest when compared with the salary increases already approved for rail and transport executives.

Upcoming events

Our next meetings will be at Federation House on 2 March and 13 April. Both commence with lunch at 12.15pm followed by a guest speaker at 1pm and conclude with a general meeting starting at 2pm. A planned excursion to Davistown will take place on Tuesday, 20 February, with the intriguing Sydney Harbour Secrets Cruise on Saturday, 28 April. In addition, the regular Club York luncheons are scheduled for 7 March and 18 April. Members should meet at 12pm for both events.

Paul Regan is the Administrative Secretary, NSW Retired Teachers Association