Staffing relief for drought-affected schools

Federation has successfully achieved a staffing moratorium for drought-affected public schools.

This followed a decision from Federation’s August Council meeting calling on the NSW Government to provide additional staffing and counselling services.

The NSW Department of Education has agreed to suspend potential nominated transfers in affected schools in order to cope with the effects of the drought.

This is a significant outcome, particularly recognising that 100 per cent of the state has been declared drought affected with a forecast of an extended dry period.

It will also ensure that such schools have the resilience to cope and not face staffing shortages when the drought breaks.

Federation will continue to pursue with the NSW Government additional counselling services for public school and TAFE communities hit by the drought.

The mental wellbeing of many teachers, students and their families is under incredible pressure and teachers are experiencing an increase in the level of support they provide students affected by the drought.

From witnessing their parents/carers being laid off paid employment to those engaged in farm work from the early hours of the morning to late in the evening, such students attend school physically and mentally exhausted.

It is critical the NSW Government commit to urgently providing additional counselling services for these communities.

Federation acknowledges and thanks members in drought-affected areas for the additional work they undertake in order to support their students and families.

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