Teachers Federation response to Labor promises on school funding

Labor’s pledge to substantially increase funding for public schools is a clear point of difference to the Coalition’s funding model which cuts billions of dollars from our schools, while making special deals with Catholic and Independent schools.

NSW Teachers Federation President Maurie Mulheron said public school teachers would welcome the promised $14 billion in additional funding over 10 years.

“Education is already a key issue for the next Federal election and parents will now have a clear choice about which party will best fund public schools, ensuring that the individual learning needs of all children are being met,” Mr Mulheron said.

“Instead of robbing public schools of funding, Labor is promising to immediately inject an additional $3.3 billion dollars into our schools once elected.

“That puts about $917 million into public schools in NSW up front, funding that will go a long way towards addressing the needs of our most disadvantaged students and moving schools closer to the schooling resource standard.

“This is a major funding boost for public schools following the abandonment of public education by the federal Liberal/National Government.”

The Labor funding model will allow public schools to:

  • reduce class sizes
  • deliver extra one-on-one support
  • provide more specialist teachers to enhance literacy and numeracy programs
  • improve year 6 to 7 transition programs
  • develop additional HSC enrichment programs
  • broaden subject offerings to meet the needs of all students.

Mr Mulheron said the NSW Teachers Federation had been calling for Fair Funding Now! and Labor’s funding promise is the kind of investment needed to fund public schools into the future.

“Children in public schools deserve the best education we can give them, no matter where they live or the size of their parents’ income,” he said.

“The Morrison Government has walked away from a needs-based funding model and returned to favouring private schools at the expense of public school students.

“There is nothing fair about Scott Morrison’s funding model and teachers and parents will intensify their campaign to remind the community what’s at stake, outside every school, in every electorate.”