Winners of centenary art competitions announced

The centenary of Federation was honoured in a variety of ways throughout 2018; beginning with a shiny new logo in January and ending with the launch of an important research paper at December Council that examines working with students of refugee backgrounds in NSW public schools.

In mid-February, competitions in art, literature and film were opened to all members and students of public schools. Students were asked to address the theme “Teachers make a difference”, while teachers and members were asked to explore the main theme “100 Years of teacher unity” as well as at least one of the following themes as it relates to education: an Aboriginal them, women, multiculturalism, diversity or equity.

The original submission deadline was set for Friday, 25 May, 2018, with plans to announce winners at the 100th Annual Conference. However, with only a small number of entries and a large number of requests for an extension, the committee met and agreed to extend the deadline to the official centenary date of Federation, 26 September.

Federation received more than 80 entries across the six competitions, with art being the most popular; representing around 70 per cent of all entries.

First prize for the teachers’ art competition was awarded to Abigail Sparks from the Glen Innes Teachers Association for her Protest Pot.

“I call this a Protest Pot, it is a ceramic vessel around 40cm high, decorated in the round with three figures holding up the signs, pronouncing ‘We are 100 years union. We are 100 years proud. We are 100 years strong’,” she wrote.

“I was attempting to use the traditional art form of pottery (with cobalt blue and gold lustre decoration) to explore the 100 years of history of protest that the union has been part of. There is a bit of the dodgy handmade punk aesthetic going on that I associate with handmade signs at rallies and protests.”

First prize for the students’ art competition was awarded to Reine De Villecourt who is in year 8 at Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School, for her artwork Touch the Sky.

In the absence of any competition, teacher Rolf Frotjold from Coogee Public School, won first prize in the film competition. A link to watch the film can be found on our website.

Sam Vasiliou, from Fairfield Teachers Association won first prize in the literature category.

“For over 100 years teachers have demonstrated their devotion to fostering student learning and to support student wellbeing,” Sam wrote.

“One result of this devotion is to inspire students to become teachers themselves, thus providing an unbreakable bond between generations of teachers.

“Through my humble story based on my lived experiences and that of my parents as migrants, I have tried to capture the critical role teachers play for their students in nurturing their learning and the lifelong impact teachers can have.”

Student Darshan Neshabalan from Homebush Boys High School took out first place in the literature competition for his work titled The Teacher: Epic Start.

All winning entries can be viewed on Federation’s website. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this celebration of 100 years of teacher unity.

— Kim Richards, Federation Centenary Project Director

Teacher — Art
First prize Abigail Sparks
Second prize Yvette Wallis
Third prize Abigail Sparks and Adele Chapman-Burgess
Highly commended Alison Margaret Packwood
Student — Art
First prize Reine De Villecourt, Nepean Creative And Performing Arts High School
Second prize Isabella-Rose Anderssen, Boorowa Central School
Third prize Sherri Casey, Cherrybrook High
Highly commended Isabella-Rose Anderssen, Boorowa Central School
Highly commended Sara Alburgif, Chester Hill High School
Highly commended Nastran Shiravani, Chester Hill High School
Teacher — Literature
First prize Sam Vasiliou
Second prize Rowena Parry
Third prize Siobhan Julie Callan
Student — Literature
First prize Darshan Neshabalan, Homebush Boys High School
Second prize Amelie Rose O’Connor, Glenmore Road Public School
Third prize Elina Grace Rattray, Billabong High School
Highly commended Jack Rusli, Alexandria Park Community School