Sam Lewis Peace Prize goes to Mt Colah student

The Sam Lewis Peace Prize competition has been decided for 2018 after receiving more than 150 entries from a wide range of students from Kindergarten to TAFE.

The committee (Janine Kitson, Marianna Valeri, Melina Regusa, Adam Curlis and Darren Mearrick) were impressed with the calibre of entries and the dedication of our students to peace.

The winner of the grand prize this was William Fulford from Mt Colah Public School, and the entry was forwarded in by the school’s Federation Representative Khrystyna Greenfield.

Well done to all entrants who all receive a certificate. A special thanks to the committee for their work and commitment as well as Organisers secretary Joanne Allen for her assistance.

The competition is named in honour of Sam Lewis, a former Federation President and activist for peace and public education. Federation hopes to have a formal ceremony for the prize winner in 2019.

The competition will run again next year and we look forward to many more entries

— Theo Bougatsas, City Organiser and the convenor of the Sam Lewis Peace Prize Committee