Media release: Treasurer’s pay cut ‘deal’ is unacceptable

Teachers will not accept the Treasurer’s latest attempt to impose a pay cut on the profession.

Mr Perrottet called a phone hook up with public sector union representatives on Sunday night in which he outlined an arrangement to give public servants a one-off $1000 payment in return for forgoing a pay rise.

NSW Teachers Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos said the Treasurer’s “deal” was unacceptable.

“This offer adds insult to injury following the huge amount of work teachers have done to ensure educational continuity for students during this crisis,” Mr Gavrielatos said.

“The proposed pay cut is economically counter-productive and if it proceeds, would take $3 billion dollars out of the NSW economy at a time when stimulus is what is desperately needed.”

“Teachers live in every suburb and town across the state. It is the disposable income of teachers, nurses, police, indeed all public sector workers, that stimulates the economy necessary to create jobs.”

Mr Gavrielatos said TAFE teachers had not had a pay rise since November 2018 despite concluding an agreement with the NSW Government in March 2020, which had not been honoured.

“Since 2012, courtesy of the NSW Government, TAFE has cut 6000 jobs, reduced the opportunities for young people to gain the skills they need to secure good, well-paying jobs.”

Mr Gavrielatos said the NSW Teachers Federation is committed to defending members’ rights to a pay increase.

“If this pay cut is allowed to proceed, it would result in the loss of thousands of dollars in salary for teachers in the short term and tens of thousands in the longer term through the loss of superannuation savings.”

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