Media release: New curriculum requires additional resources

The NSW Teachers Federation has welcomed the unhurried approach and commitment to working with teachers in the development and implementation of the new curriculum.

In response to the review finding Federation’s Senior Vice President Amber Flohm reaffirmed the central role of the teaching profession in curriculum development and delivery.

“Teachers, as educational experts, continue to be best placed in understanding the learning and curriculum needs of their students,” Ms Flohm said.

“The profession will continue to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of their students, as they always have.”

“Parents also know teachers in our public schools have never abandoned teaching the basics.”

“Our goal is to ensure that the curriculum focuses on the best interests of young people and builds their capacity as learners.”

Ms Flohm said the report calls for more individualised attention for our students, a recommendation which will be embraced by all teachers as long as it is accompanied by appropriate support and resourcing.

“The dynamics of a classroom, with up to 30 students, means additional individualised support can only be realised when accompanied by additional resources.”

“To make the new curriculum a success, our schools will require additional resourcing and additional funding to reach the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS).”

“Publics schools continue to be under resourced with less than 90 per cent of the determined Schooling Resource Standard and no pathway to reach 100 per cent.”

Media Contact: Mountain Media