Teachers at Chatham High, Taree walk out over school staffing crisis

NSW Teachers Federation members at Chatham High School in Taree walked off the job today over the NSW Government’s failure to properly staff their school and other public schools in rural and remote parts of the state.

NSW Teachers Federation Deputy President Henry Rajendra said staff at Chatham High School were concerned their school had been impacted by the shortage of casual teachers which had disrupted classes.

“Teachers at Chatham High are concerned about the problems schools across NSW are having filling vacant teaching positions and finding casuals to cover for teachers on leave,” he said.

“Already this year Chatham High has been unable to find teachers to cover classes for 39 days. This is the result of the NSW Education Department failing in its duty to make sure every class has an appropriately qualified teacher every day.”

“Teachers at Chatham High believe this is a fundamental right for every student in the public education system.”

Mr Rajendra said teachers at Chatham had called for five additional teachers to be appointed to the school. They will meet again in three weeks to consider further action.

“Failure to properly staff schools in Taree and across the state is impacting on curriculum delivery and presenting unacceptable work, health and safety issues for staff.”

“The NSW Government is on notice – it simply must do better.”

Mr Rajendra said over the past decade the NSW Government and Education Department have weakened previously successful processes that ensured adequate staffing of all schools across the state.

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