Bring the House into your students’ homes

The Parliamentary Education Office has a range of online curriculum-aligned civics and citizenship teaching resources, suitable for primary and secondary years.

While there are no excursions to Canberra at the moment, that doesn’t mean students can’t talk to Parliamentary Education Office educators about how laws are made, the responsibilities of MPs and Senators, how governments are formed and kept accountable by Australia’s democratic system of government.

Teachers can book 50-minute Parliamentary Insider sessions, which can be delivered through a range of video platforms including Zoom.

Depending on your areas of focus, the sessions can be adapted to cover the three levels of government, active citizenship, Federation and the Australian Constitution.

Steps in the lawmaking progress are covered in this animation.

Another resource to support online learning at home is 10 Kahoot quizzes. Topics include the separation of powers and getting involved in the political process.

The lesson plans and associated resources in the Classroom activities section of the website could also be adapted for remote learning.

Members may also be interested in the Parliamentary Education Office’s free, accredited professional learning, aligned with the Australian Curriculum.