Registered Nurse Must Be Maintained At Special Education School In St Ives

The NSW Teachers Federation demands the retention of a Registered
Nurse (RN) position at Sir Eric Woodward School for Special Purposes at St

NSW Teachers Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos said the
school community backs the need for maintaining an RN at the school because of
the high clinical and health needs of students.

“Teachers at the Sir Eric Woodward SSP provide amazing care and
tuition for some of our most vulnerable students and are concerned the
Education Department is seeking to save money by abolishing the RN position,”
Mr Gavrielatos said.

He said the protest follows Sir Edward Woodward SSP teachers
walking off the job earlier this week fighting the latest attempt to remove the
RN position from their school.

“These students have high level health needs which include
invasive medical procedures including catheterisation, suction tubes and
feeding tubes and having an RN on site is the most appropriate way of managing

“We wouldn’t accept the administration of such procedures for
adults by anyone other than a registered nurse.”

Mr Gavrielatos said it was inappropriate to expect Student
Learning and Support Officers (SLSOs) to step in and perform a job done by an
RN for the past 20 years.

“The Department of Education’s own 2017 review of the RN position
found there was a need for high level medical care at the school.”

“Nothing has changed since that review, but the Department
continues to push to downgrade the medical care the school offers, in the face
of opposition from parents, teachers, students’ doctors and SLSOs.”

“Students with special needs have a right to an education in the
public school system and having a trained RN on site has proven over many years
to be the best way to manage their health needs.”