Aboriginal Education Coordinator

Russell Honnery is the current Aboriginal Education Coordinator.

History of the Aboriginal Education Coordinator Position

The position was first created in 1986 with Anthony Amatto taking up the position. He resigned in February of 1991 to work with Aboriginal Communities throughout NSW. The next Aboriginal Education Coordinator was David Prosser till December 1993, who was succeeded by Pam Koeneman in April 1994.

Decisions of Council 12th August 1994:

“Council recommends the election of an Aboriginal Education Coordinator. Notice is given for the amendment of the rules to insert this position into the list of Administrative Officers. In the meantime, Senior Officers to finalise the Duties Statement in consultation with Pam Koeneman and others with a report to be brought back to the next Executive to finalise the position.

That the election for this position take place at November Council”.

Pam was duly elected and served in the position until April 2001. Pam was made a Life Member of Federation at Annual Conference in 2002.

The Aboriginal Coordinator now has a diverse and extensive place within Federation’s purview.


  • Respond to the needs of Aboriginal members
  • Attend school meetings by request and by appointment
  • Organise consultation with syllabus committee on relevant issues
  • Coordinate program of tours each year, submit a report to Senior Officers outlining issues and suggesting appropriate action
  • Be Federation’s representative on Board of Studies
  • Negotiate with DEC at both regional and state level on issues relevant to Aboriginal Education
  • Negotiate with Corrective services and Juvenile Justice on issues relevant to Aboriginal Education
  • Coordinate with Trade Union Training Centre on Aboriginal component
  • Provide Aboriginal perspective on union issues for members and Officers
  • Produce an Aboriginal Education newsletter
  • Coordinate Federation representation at celebrations during NAIDOC
  • Respond to national and state documents on Aboriginal Education
  • Coordinate Federation’s response to Aboriginal Education Workers National case.
  • Attend AEU meetings and take appropriate action on issues that relate to NSW
  • Coordinate Federation’s consultation process with the AECG at state, regional and local level
  • Deal with Aboriginal gender issues in cooperation with Women’s Coordinator
  • Deal with issues in relation to racism
  • Coordinate recruitment drives
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