About the NSW Teachers Federation

The New South Wales Teachers Federation is the registered trade union which covers NSW public school teachers. The New South Wales Teachers Federation represents all teachers in New South Wales public pre-schools, infants, primary and secondary schools and TAFE Institutes. Teachers in Schools for Specific Purposes and Corrective Services are also members.

Our membership numbers include 39,000 permanent full-time teachers, about 4000 temporary teachers, 6000 casual and unemployed members and 6,000 TAFE teachers. The total membership stands at about 67,000.

The New South Wales Teachers Federation consults with members at school level where Federation Representatives are the people who have the right to speak for teachers on behalf of their union. School teachers are then grouped on a geographical basis to form local Associations. Each Association has an Executive to speak on behalf of teachers in the area. Teachers then elect representatives to their State Council which meets eight times per year. A state Executive body is elected by the Council to perform its business between Councils and the peak policy making body, Annual Conference.

The Secretariat of the Federation is composed of 45 officers who are elected by the Council for a three year term. They perform such jobs as organiser, industrial advocate, welfare officer and research officer, supporting the Federation's membership.

The three Presidential officers - President, Deputy President, and Senior Vice President - are elected by the whole membership every two years.

The NSW Teachers Federation looks after a multiplicity of issues on behalf of teachers. It also regards public education as a strong foundation for a sure future. Thus, it campaigns for betterments for all students who attend public schools so that they will receive a quality education.

Stewart House is the official charity of the NSW Teachers Federation. Stewart House Preventorium is located at the corner of Batho Road and Wyadra Avenue, Harbord NSW. Stewart House is a hospital, a charity and a school. It provides health care and short-term respite care for children in need who are enrolled in public schools in NSW and the ACT.

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