Anti-Racism - Online Resources

Strategies Resources
Acknowledgement of country by a local Indigenous elder

Harmony Day

Aboriginal Resources

Story of the Healing Foundation – Aboriginal/Australian History

    Healing Foundation –

    Recognise  - Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    Creative Spirits  - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    Aboriginal Language Map

    ABC  –Language Map Website


    Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
    Reconciliation Australia
    Traditional Indigenous Games:
    Sista speak Bro’ speak

    AIME Mentoring

    programs/AIME mentoring program

    Sista speak – Layne Beachley Foundation

    Bro Speak - News Article

    School programs

    Hang the flags of all cultures around the school
    Racism resources

    Racism No way website:

    TES - Racism

    Healing the wounds of the heart  - Aboriginal documentary

    ABC News Article –tackling Racism

    ABC Splash:

    Australian Story (TOPICAL) 

    Tackling racism: (UK video of students using successful strategies to tackle racism): 

    Rock and water programs across the school

    Refugee Resources

    Refugee council

    ABC Splash

    Roads to Refugees

    Refugee Week

    Refugee Week 2021 Resource Kit

    UN Refugees


    Refugee Action Coalition

    Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

    Welcome to Australia Website
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