Anti-Racism - Online Resources

Strategies Resources
Acknowledgement of country by a local Indigenous elder

Harmony Day

Aboriginal Resources

Story of the Healing Foundation – Aboriginal/Australian History

    Healing Foundation –

    Recognise  - Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    Creative Spirits  - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    Aboriginal Language Map

    ABC  –Language Map Website


    Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
    Reconciliation Australia
    Traditional Indigenous Games:
    Sista speak Bro’ speak

    AIME Mentoring

    programs/AIME mentoring program

    Sista speak – Layne Beachley Foundation

    Bro Speak - News Article

    School programs

    Translation documents

    DET – translation documents

    Hang the flags of all cultures around the school
    Racism resources

    Racism No way website:

    TES - Racism

    Healing the wounds of the heart  - Aboriginal documentary

    ABC News Article –tackling Racism

    ABC Splash:

    Australian Story (TOPICAL) 

    Tackling racism: (UK video of students using successful strategies to tackle racism): 

    Rock and water programs across the school

    Refugee Resources

    Refugee council

    ABC Splash

    Roads to Refugees

    Refugee Week

    Refugee week resources kit (2019):

    UN Refugees


    Refugee Action Coalition

    Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

    Welcome to Australia Website
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