About Associations

You don’t have to be the Federation Representative at your school to attend an Association meeting.

All members are automatically members of their local Association.

Local Associations have a minimum of 15 financial members. Associations meet monthly or as required.

Teachers in TAFE, OCAA and Corrective Services have statewide Associations.

Associations play an important role in formulating policy for the NSW Teachers Federation via ‘motions’ which are presented at every Council meeting.

Associations also elect Councillors to attend regular Council meetings held in Sydney throughout the year and delegates to attend the Annual Conference in Sydney.

Associations are the lifeblood of the union. They play an important role in our development and future direction.

Positions in Associations

Every Association has elected positions such as:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Minutes Secretary
  • Women’s Contact
  • Peace Contact
  • Aboriginal Education Contact
  • New Activists Contact
  • Special Education Contact
  • Casual/Unemployed Teachers Contact


Any member can participate in an Association meeting. It is important that you have an understanding of meeting procedure. Information about meeting procedure is available from Federation.

Most Associations have an agenda that will include an Organiser’s report, school reports and general business. If you wish to speak you need to raise your hand and state your name and school. It’s that simple!


There are lots of reasons to participate in your local Association.

Associations provide:

  • Regular opportunities to share information with colleagues
  • Network of teachers in your district
  • Social connections
  • Opportunities to develop public speaking skills
  • Access to your Organiser
  • An opportunity to voice your concerns, have an input in ongoing matters and to have common issues presented at Council for resolution

Flyers for Association meetings are posted out to Fed Reps.

Find out what Association you are in and go along to a meeting!

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