NSBTS and Accreditation

The Federation strongly recommends that all members of the Non School Based Teaching Service who are not currently accredited teachers seek accreditation.

The Federation wrote to all members on this matter on 18 August 2017, when the Department first began issuing advice regarding the process for accrediting pre-2004 teachers. Since that time the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has released the new Maintenance of Teacher Accreditation Policywhich applies from 2018. This should allay any concerns that Non School Based Teachers may have about their capacity to maintain their accreditation in their current role.

In 2014 the definition of 'teach' in the Teacher Accreditation Act was expanded to include duties which have a broader relationship to teaching and learning. This change allows for the maintenance of accreditation for teachers who do not directly engage in classroom instruction on a regular basis. NESA’s new maintenance policy reflects this change. The process for maintaining accreditation has been streamlined to recognise work that you are already engaging in, such as participation in the Performance and Development Framewor

The accreditation of all teachers employed under the Teaching Services Act fortifies teacher qualifications, protecting against the deregulation and de-professionalisation of teachers’ work which has occurred in other jurisdictions, typically leading to lowering of the status, working conditions and/or salaries of teachers.

All members of the NSW Teaching Service are teachers employed in teaching roles. Being fully accredited while holding your current position will ensure you can:

  • relieve in any position in the Teaching Service, including school-based promotions positions
  • engage in casual teaching
  • complete all aspects of your role (accreditation is required if any part of your role meets the definition of teach in the Teacher Accreditation Act, irrespective of the duties of any other aspect of your role)
  • apply for (including via EOI) any role in the Teaching Service
  • take a leave of absence from accreditation if you take an extended break from teaching.

The Federation will continue to pursue the Department to have all members of the Teaching Service fully accredited, and supported in maintaining their accreditation, to ensure protection of the standards and professional salaries for its members.


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