Professional Development / Learning

The NSW Teachers Federation, being both an industrial and professional organisation, provides Professional Learning and Training opportunities for its members.

Centre for Professional Learning

The NSW Teachers Federation has established the Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) to provide high quality training and support for Federation members in a range of educational areas. Some of these activities are jointly run with other professional organisations.

Current course information and online registration are available at 

The NSW Teachers Federation is endorsed to provide the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient or Highly Accomplished Teacher.

Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) 

The Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) is an online professional journal that seeks to enhance the quality of teaching and of public education in NSW and Australia. It has been established as an adjunct to the work of the Centre for Professional Learning which is the professional development arm of the NSW Teachers Federation. The JPL will be sent electronically to members of the NSW Teachers Federation.  

The CPL Podcast is professional conversations around practical and important aspects of teaching and Public Education. New episodes are easily accessible to members through our website and podcast streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify, and on your mobile device through our Soundcloud RSS feed. To contact the JPL please send an email to


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