Schools Funding Conference: Why Money Does Matter

Friday 18 February 2022 (8:30am-3:30pm)

NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre
37 Reservoir St, Surry Hills

On the 10th anniversary of the release of the Review of Funding for Schooling (Gonski Report), the Centre for Public Education Research (CPER) is holding a major conference in Sydney to examine the current state of school funding in Australia.

Issues explored will include:

  • the promise of the Gonski Review and what has happened since
  • the relationship between high performing systems and resourcing
  • an up-to-date analysis of the current Schooling Resource Standard funding model
  • the equity areas: the growing gaps and the unmet needs
  • the link between teachers’ working conditions and recurrent funding
  • enrolment projections, student complexity and capital requirements into the future

Speakers include:
Ken Boston, Lyndsay Connors, Pasi Sahlberg, Trevor Cobbold, Rachel Wilson, Geoff Gallop and Adam Rorris.

There will be an evening reception at 6pm on Thursday 17 February in the Heritage Room, Ground Floor, 23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills.

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Registration Process:

Funded Delegates will be organised in the following way;

  • One Councillor from each Association OR
  • Where there are no Councillors, one Annual Conference Delegate OR
  • Where there are no Councillors OR Annual Conference Delegates available to attend, an authorised elected Delegate from the Association.

Important Information for Councillors

  • Given the Conference is on the 18th February prior to Council the closing date will need to be 4th February to allow due notice to DOE for release/relief.
  • Association Executives will need to endorse funded delegates.
  • Delegates who are Councillors/alternates or Proxies for February Council 2022 will have their Travel and accommodation varied upon acceptance to the conference. They will, however, need to have advised Federation’s travel section, of proposed changes to their usual bookings.

Association Funded Delegates

  • In addition to the centrally funded Delegates Associations may fund delegates to attend on a basis that the association is able to meet the cost of travel and accommodation and relief if need.
  • As the non-funded delegates may also need approved release and relief the deadline of the 4th February will also apply.

Please Note: Members who do not need release or Relief whether funded or non-funded delegates should apply on the Conference application form and indicate this is the case

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