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NSW Department of Education  
The Department of Education have a range of policies and related documents relating to student wellbeing. Schools need to be aware of and apply these documents to all students, including those who are LGBTIQ.

Relevant documents may include the Wellbeing Framework for Schools, Anti-Bullying Strategy, Legal Issues Bulletins, Core Values in NSW Public Schools, Student Welfare Policy, the Department of Education Strategic Plan 2018-2022, and their associated papers.

Guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School – Student Wellbeing Hub
This guide aims to help schools to develop active processes at the local level that respond appropriately and positively to the student’s needs, address privacy and safety concerns, and acknowledge the specific support needs of other students and staff.

This guide was created by Safe Schools Coalition Australia to provide a step-by-step guide for schools supporting transgender and gender diverse students.

Wear It Purple Day – Wear It Purple
Wear It Purple Day is a student led day of celebration to visually show young LGBTIQ people that they are recognised and supported. Held each year on the last Friday day of August, Wear It Purple Day has gained popularity with schools taking the opportunity to recognise their LGBTIQ students (as well as teachers and rainbow families) in various ways – from purple mufti days to colour runs and guest speakers…

Wear it Purple is a youth led organisation that strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people. It encourages young people to get involved in the organisation and make connections to other LGBTIQ young people and allies, through their events and their Youth Action Council.

Stand Out booklet – Minus 18
Stand Out was created with a student audience in mind, and focuses on inspiring and creating student-led LGBTQIA+ inclusion. It has sections about challenging homophobia and transphobia, forming a Stand Out group, changing language, and the importance of friends and supporters. The guide was originally conceived and created in 2011 by Safe Schools Coalition Victoria and Minus18.

Minus 18 have a range of other resources for young people to access, and are a youth organisation based in Victoria.


Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW is a Sydney based service working across New South Wales, that provides a broad range of specialised services for young people aged 12-25. These services include housing, mental health, counselling and social support.

Twenty10 also has a range of resources that can be helpful for young people and their families including Twenty10’s 8 Tips to Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Students in Schools

The Gender Centre
The Gender Centre is a specialist multi- purpose service supporting transgender, gender diverse and gender questioning people at all stages of their transition in NSW. The Centre the service has specialist skills, experience and capabilities to provide specialist counselling, outreach, support, case management and referrals.

The Gender Centre runs Transtopia Youth - a monthly social group for transgender and gender questioning teens between the ages of 14 to 19. It a safe place for teens to hang out and be themselves, and an opportunity to form friendships with people like themselves.

headspace provides tailored and holistic mental health support to 12-25 year olds. The organisation works with young people to provide support, particularly at a crucial time in their lives, to strengthen their ability to manage their mental health.

Headspace has some online resources about sexuality, gender identity and relationships. Services can be accessed online or in person.

ReachOut is a mental health organisation for young people and their parents. They provide practical support, tools and tips help young people get through a range of issues.

Reachout has a section for young people about Identity and gender that offers resources on body gender, sexuality, spirituality, cultural identity and body image.

beyondblue is working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience.

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