Trade Union Training


The NSW Teachers Federation provides training for all members. There are designated positions within all training courses specifically for Aboriginal Members.

Training is useful for many reasons; some of these are:

• Gives or increases skills in public speaking
• Increases understanding of our rights in the work place and the skills to stand up for those rights
• Gives an overview of our job and the education of our students
• Gives us tools to help educate our mob
• Allows us to meet and talk with other teachers in our field and situation
• Allows us input into what happens in our schools to our students
• Engenders networks
• Allows for sharing
• Increases our skills in presentation

Here is what some of our members have said about courses they’ve done:

Anthony Galluzzo

I have attended many Trade Union Training courses with Federation. These have enhanced my public speaking and presentation skills. They have also presented me with creative strategies to implement in my professional and personal life.

Russell Honnery

These courses have given me confidence and knowledge to become a presenter and chairperson at courses for the Federation as well as running courses on a school level.

Belinda Ndegwa

Trade Union Training is very informative and innovative in delivery and it builds my capacity through quality learning practices. It helps me to understand my role through understanding my rights as a teacher.


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