Associations are encouraged to run the following seminar over the course of Terms 2 and 3 in 2021. Please liaise with your local Association President and Organiser in regard to this seminar.

Federation Workplace Committee Campaign Training

This seminar will develop the capacity of Federation Workplace Committees to campaign for improved working conditions and salaries.

The strength and success of Federation is determined by the extent to which we are able to develop workplace union leadership, increase union membership density and engage members in meaningful collective action. Federation Workplace Committees are pivotal to building workplace and ultimately statewide union power.

The approach is based on the ‘spiral method’ that is used in unions and social movements to develop the capacity of participants to work collectively to analyse, assess, strategise, act and reflect in the context of campaigns and movement building projects, but it can also be applied to addressing everyday problems and issues in the workplace.

Through this seminar, participants will:

  • reflect on their school culture, union power and the experiences of their teaching colleagues;
  • make links between the experience of teachers in their school, the failed policies of governments and the Department of Education, and the findings and recommendations of the Gallop inquiry;
  • assess the level of membership and engagement within their school;
  • strategise to recruit new members and engage members in the campaign; and
  • develop a campaign action plan for their school.

Follow-up and ongoing support will be provided by local Associations in collaboration with the Organiser.

For queries regarding other seminars which can be facilitated in local associations, please contact or call 9217 2460.

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