Assistance available to members attending courses

Is paid leave provided?

Yes. Each financial member of the Federation nominated by the union who is a permanent or temporary employee is generally entitled to a total of 12 days in any period of 2 years. Leave may also include travelling time during working hours, if necessary.

Temporary teachers are entitled to pro rata TUT Leave. Relief casual teachers are not entitled to TUT Leave.

All Officers within the education portfolio are covered. This includes casual/part-time teachers in the TAFE Commission.

Relief casual teachers not entitled to paid leave, who would have been employed on the day/s of the course, may apply to have their pay made up by Federation. Relief Casual Teachers should be aware that attendance at a TUT Course may cause a break in service which could result in loss of service benefits.

Is casual relief provided?

Yes. Federation pays the cost of relief to cover the classes of teachers attending TUT courses, provided that the casual teacher engaged is used to cover the classes of the teacher attending the TUT course. The Department of Education makes no contribution to relief costs. The TAFE Commission provides 50% of relief costs.

Note that the principal should employ casual relief for you and inform the Department in the usual way. Federation reimburses the appropriate sectors of the Department of Education at a later date. There is no effect on your school's budget. The relief must be used to cover the classes of the teacher on the course and is not transferable to any other date. Please do not book a casual until you are accepted onto the course.

Is any financial assistance provided?

Yes. Full details are provided at the course. In summary:

Accommodation - The state of NSW is divided into three zones:

Zone 1 will cover the following Associations: Blacktown, Camden-Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Eastern Suburbs, Fairfield, Hornsby, Inner City, Liverpool, Manly-Warringah, Middle Harbour, Nepean, Parramatta, Ryde-Macquarie, St George, St Marys-Mt Druitt, Sutherland, The Hills and Inner West. Members in Zone 1 will generally not get accommodation unless there is an evening function as part of the event/course/conference. If for reasons of safety a member then wishes to request approval for accommodation they should contact the Trade Union Training Officer for advice.

Zone 2 will cover the following Associations: Ettalong-Woy Woy, Gosford, Hawkesbury, Lower Blue Mountains, Illawarra, Wollondilly and Wyong. Members in Zone 2 will be able to request accommodation through the Trade Union Training Officer.

Zone 3 covers all other country associations and state wide association members as outlined below. Members living in Zone 3 will be automatically eligible for accommodation and travel expenses.

Note: For the purposes of payment of allowances members in the following Associations will be paid according to the Zone in which they live: State wide Associations – TAFETA, Corrective Service Officers, Officers, Consultants & Advisers Association.

Where accommodation is provided in any zone allowances for will be paid for breakfast and the evening meal as set down by Council.

Private accommodation will be reimbursed only up to the amount set by Council. Where a course participant wishes to use other commercial accommodation than that obtained by the Federation they should seek advice from the Trade Union Training Officer.

Country participants are entitled to reimbursement of travel to and from the airport to the city (and return) via the Airport or Hotel bus or by train. No payment will be made for taxi expenses, except in special circumstances. You should discuss this matter with the Trade Union Training Officer (in advance where possible). A receipt will be required for any authorised taxi travel.

Car Travel - Members travelling by car will be able to claim travel based on the specified JOURNEY RATE of 28.8 cents per km (current Teachers Award).

Train and Bus Travel - Members travelling by train and/or bus will be reimbursed for actual costs incurred.

Parking for those members requiring accommodation will be paid for by the Federation and included in the hotel cost where possible. Members travelling down for a day will generally not have their car parking fee reimbursed on top of their daily and travel allowance.

Sustenance and Incidental Allowance - Members will be entitled to a daily allowance as set by Council for each day of attendance at a course or conference.

Childcare is usually available at Federation House but booking prior to a course is essential. Please note that childcare is only available for non school age children.

Who will be selected to attend TUT Courses?

TUT aims for a maximum of 20 - 22 participants for each Federation course. In selecting participants, preference is given to current Federation Representatives, Women's Contacts and Association Officers. Every effort is made to achieve a balance between city and country members, and to provide access to courses to members in TAFE, OCAA and other membership groups. Federation also aims to provide 60% of places to female members. We reserve the right to give priority to applicants able to contribute to the union and who have shown a commitment to supporting Federation policies and campaigns.

How do you apply?

Fill out an online application and submit.

Advise your Principal or Manager that you have applied for a course and indicate that casual relief will be paid for by Federation if you are accepted onto the course. Successful applicants will receive an Authority for relief and casual replacement prior to the course. Those who do not receive a place on a course will receive a letter and their application will be held over to the next suitable course in the current year.


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