The application process

Who can attend a TUT Course?

Financial members of Federation are eligible to apply for Trade Union Training.

Trade Union Training courses are listed here with a brief description of the targeted participant group, and the course content.

Who will be selected to attend a TUT Course?

TUT aims for a maximum of 20 - 24 participants for each Federation course. In selecting participants, preference is given to Federation Representatives, Women's Contacts and Association Officers. Every effort is made to achieve a balance between primary and secondary, country and city members, and to provide access to courses to members in TAFE. Federation also aims to provide 60 per cent of places to female members. We reserve the right to give priority to applicants able to contribute to the union and who've shown a commitment to supporting Federation policies and campaigns.

All Officers within the education portfolio are covered. This includes casual/part-time teachers in TAFE who have an ongoing daytime program (that is, it has extended beyond 12 months or is of an anticipated duration of at least 12 months) of at least 15 hours teaching per week.

How do you apply to attend a TUT Course?

Complete the online application form.

The closing date for each course is usually 3 weeks prior to the course date. Following the closing date, we will advise you via email if you've been accepted onto the course and provide you with a "letter of authority".

The authority should be retained at the school, and submitted as an attachment via SAP for your application for Special Leave (using reason code “Trade Union Training Courses”). Federation will also send information about travel and/or accommodation, where required.

Federation will advise you via email if your application has been unsuccessful – this will occur following the closing date.

What must I do when I receive advice that I've been accepted into a TUT Course?

Let the TUT Section know immediately if you aren't able to attend.

Let your principal know when you receive advice from Federation that you have been accepted into the course and indicate that casual relief can be organised to replace you and that Federation covers this cost.

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