TAFE Commission of NSW Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement 2024

Vote YES

Federation recommends that members vote YES to support TAFE Commission of NSW Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement 2024 (EA) as it provides for:

1) An EA duration of one year, nominally expiring on 31 January 2025.

2) An increase of 4% (based on 2023 salaries) to salaries and allowances, back-paid to the first full pay period (FFPP) on or after 1 February 2024.

3) Incorporation of the Implementation of the TAFE Award Variation No.1, also known as the Administrative Arrangements, into the main body of the EA. This document dates from 2010, providing clarification on arbitrated inclusions to the 2009 Teachers and Related Employees Award, and has existed outside of the Enterprise Agreement since 2013. The updated clauses relate to:

  • Professional Development (PD) – where a teacher attends an approved PD activity when the teacher is normally scheduled to teach in accordance with their approved annual program, those hours shall be permitted as a reduction in the teacher’s annual program.
  • Attendance Time – the ability for teachers to perform 5 hours of Related Duties offsite each week
  • Cap on Teaching – The maximum hours of teaching in a week as part of an approved program will be capped at 30 hours per week, without the teacher’s agreement in writing.
  • Extended Leave – Where an officer takes a period of extended leave that spans a vacation period the vacation will not form part of the extended leave.

Related to these provisions:

  • For permanent and temporary teachers, TAFE NSW must ensure that the amount of duties related to teaching programmed in any week is sufficient for the teacher to deliver their hours of teaching and that the existing unreasonable hours test, will apply to teachers working more than 35 hours per week, which is comprised of 20 direct teaching hours per week; and
  • For part-time casual teachers, the unreasonable hours test is applied when they exceed 35 hours of work per week.

4) Incorporation of Industrial Relations Ruling 11/08 into the main body of the EA. This document dates from 2011 and provides further clarification in relation to excess teaching hours for permanent and temporary teachers. It reflects the agreement reached between the Department and the NSW Teachers Federation in regard to teachers’ eligibility for payment of excess teaching hours under an approved program. Specific provisions in the EA will govern:

  • Leave, both planned and unplanned;
  • Part year commencements and separations;
  • Relieving in higher positions; and
  • Fortnightly payments of Excess Teaching Hours upon exceeding the annual teaching hour threshold.

5) The Managing Director’s Recruitment Directive 01/23, which saw the employment of an additional 2,100 permanent teachers in 2023, will continue to be referenced in the EA. This Directive establishes the general principles to be applied for new positions and vacancies, prioritising permanent teaching and related roles over temporary employment and restricting the use of casual employment only as a last and final option.

6) Consolidation of Band 1 and Band 2 head Teacher classification into a single Head Teacher classification which will provide a salary increase of slightly more than $5000 pa and a reduction in direct teaching from 504 to 360 hours.