Teachers advised not to sign NAPLAN confidentiality agreements

It has been reported to the Federation that members are being asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in relation to the administration of NAPLAN Online and being told they cannot retain a copy.

The Federation accepts that teachers have obligations arising out of their employment with the Department. However, the Federation does not accept that individual teachers can be asked to sign an agreement with a third party in order to perform their duties as an employee, particularly when the full nature and consequences for a breach of that agreement are unknown. At the very least, people should be entitled to keep a copy of any document they are asked to sign. The Federation is seeking further legal advice and will provide an update to members as soon as possible.

In the meantime:

  • Members are advised NOT to sign the document. If an attempt is made to coerce you to sign the document, refuse and immediately contact your Federation Organiser.
  • If you have already signed the document, you should insist on being provided with a copy, either directly from the officer who asked you to sign or in a request to ACARA via your Principal. Information on what to do with a copy of the signed document will be provided on receipt of legal advice.
  • If this request is refused, this should be reported to the Federation through the local Federation Organiser or via [email protected]

Federation is continuing to pursue the broader concerns arising from the trial of NAPLAN Online. You are reminded to contact the Federation’s NAPLAN Hotline to communicate your experiences on this matter