Retired Teachers Association news

Attack on unions

Ron Denham reported from the Combined Retired Union Members Association’s February meeting that CRUMA is opposed to the Turnbull Government’s recent attempts to impose personal liability on union officials for costs and fines associated with any industrial action a union may take. A fierce reaction to anything related to trade unions is fast becoming a feature of the Federal Coalition’s profile.

ABC equals quality

At our March meeting, Patricia Campbell-Hardwick highlighted recent research from the Australia Institute that the ABC is regarded by most Australians as a trusted media source that it is fair and accurate and the content of its many programs is high quality. Friends of the ABC requests that supporters of the broadcaster regularly send tweets and emails to ABC management expressing their concerns at recurring attacks on it from politicians and rival media bodies.

Art gallery visit

A group of Sydney RTA members visited the Art Gallery of NSW on 14 March to view “The Lady and the Unicorn” tapestry exhibition. Created circa 1500, the tapestries have attracted much speculation about their meaning but current thinking is they depict the five senses. The artistry and attention to detail in these works was breathtaking.

Alana Valentine presentation

Playwright and author Alana Valentine was our March guest speaker. Alana spoke about her play Letters to Lindy, which was based on some of the 20,000 letters sent to Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton after the events of 17 August, 1980, at Uluru. Alana also indicated how easy it was to collaborate with Ms Chamberlain-Creighton on the project. Special mention was made of Lindy’s resilience considering the difficult circumstances that confronted her.

Upcoming events

Our next two meetings in 2018 will be at Federation House on Friday, 13 April, and Friday, 11 May. Both meetings commence with lunch at 12.15pm, followed by a guest speaker at 1pm and conclude with a general meeting starting at 2pm.

A planned cruise on Sydney Harbour is set for Saturday, 28 April, and will be followed by a guided tour of the NSW Botanic Gardens on Thursday, 31 May.

In addition, the regular Club York luncheons are scheduled for Wednesday, 18 April, and Wednesday, 16 May. Members should meet at 12pm for both events.

Come and join us

The Retired Teachers Association offers great opportunities for members to continue their involvement in public education and participate in outings to exhibitions, places of interest and organised lunches. If you have recently retired, why not join us? You’ll make new friends and become better informed on retirement issues.

— Paul Regan, Administrative Secretary, NSW Retired Teachers Association