TAFE voice tuned for election campaigns

Plans for campaigning on TAFE issues during the upcoming state and federal elections were developed at a recent strategy meeting involving Federation officers in the Post Schools unit.

Clear, simple and unambiguous campaign objectives and messaging are vital to keeping the campaign on track and to this end, Federation is developing a campaign kit, which outlines the union’s demands and questions that can be put to all election candidates around TAFE.

In addition to the central message around restoring and rebuilding TAFE, local messaging is being developed. The local message around local TAFEs is vital — especially in the regional areas where savage cuts and TAFE closures have impacted heavily on students.

Federation will be holding local Trade Union Training sessions in order to foster and mobilise campaign volunteers — including our members, TAFE students and local activists to ensure the local campaigns are effective.

Campaign events may include forums, street/market stalls, door knocking and phone banking in local communities.

For more information on how to get involved visit stoptafecuts.com.au.

Annette Bennett TAFE Campaign Coordinator