Teachers voices must be heard in curriculum review

Teachers are the experts in terms of developing, implementing and reviewing the curriculum.

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is conducting “a review of the NSW Curriculum to ensure it equips students to contribute to the Australian Society in the 21st Century”, led by Professor Geoff Masters.

It is important for all teachers to ensure that their expertise and professional judgement on what should be taught, how it should be taught as well as what and how students learn is a key consideration of the review.

NESA states “the aim of the review is to enhance the effectiveness of school education in NSW to:

  • Provide an education that engages and challenges every child and young person in learning, rewards them for effort and promotes high standards, and
  • Prepare each student with strong foundations of knowledge, capabilities and values to be lifelong learners and to be flourishing and contributing citizens in a world in which rapid technological advances are contributing to unprecedented economic and social change in unpredictable ways.”

It further states: “The review will consider the strengths and weaknesses of the current NSW curriculum, its relationship to the Australian Curriculum and its accessibility to all NSW students.”

The recommendations developed from the review will impact on every aspect of teaching and learning in NSW. NESA has indicated that in developing the recommendations the review should address the four key areas summarised as:

“1. Articulate the purposes of the school curriculum, including underpinning philosophies and principles

“2. Identify essential knowledge, skills and attributes as the common entitlement for every learner, ensuring parity of access to learning that is necessary for success

“3. Explain how the curriculum could be redesigned and presented to better support teaching, learning, assessment and reporting

“4. Identify the implications of any new approach to curriculum design.”

The consultation period commenced on 3 September and concludes 30 November.

The NSW Curriculum Review website provides the terms of reference and two online options to contribute; the first through quick feedback and an online submission.

Members should also sign up to attend the roadshow. NESA has not listed the locations of the roadshow as the venues are not finalised at this stage and the authority advises teachers to check the website for final details.