Change the Rules — National day of action

Next week, on October 23, the ACTU will kick off a month of action for the Change the Rules campaign.

The campaign will fight to secure fair wages and working conditions for current and future workers in the face of rising disparity within society.

This campaign affects all Federation members, including TAFE teachers governed by the Fair Work Act, and school teachers working under the NSW Industrial Relations Act.

It is also vital to the security and fairness of work for the future of our students.

We strongly encourage all members and workplaces to participate in activities to show support for the campaign; including workplace meetings, signing the ACTU motion, and posting to social media.

An email was sent to all members this week, outlining the activities and providing links and tips for successful participation.

A) Call on the government to give Australian workers a fair go:

  1. Hold a union meeting in your workplace on October 23 to debate and move these motions for schools and TAFE.
  2. Once the meeting has concluded, please email a signed copy of the motion to [email protected] with the subject CHANGE THE RULES
  3. All motions will be collated and sent to the ACTU, Federal Government and Opposition.

Show your support on social media:

  1. Download and print one or more of the “Change the Rules” signs
  2. Take photos of Federation members, individually or in groups, holding the signs
  3. Post the photos on social media platforms using the hashtag #changetherules

Encourage members in your workplace to sign up in support of the three priority campaigns to change unfair Federal laws and regulations:

  1. Change the Rules – the national campaign for fair wages and working conditions
  2. Stop TAFE Cuts – fighting to restore TAFE as the primary public provider of vocational education
  3. Fair Funding Now – ensuring all teachers have the resources essential to meet the needs of their students.

There are rallies in Sydney and Wollongong on 23 October and Newcastle on 30 October, and other events happening around the state during the month of action. Members should consider attending events in their local area that may be taking place outside of regular work hours.

While Federation does not authorise any stop-work action, members who are not scheduled to work on the day, including those on authorised leave are encouraged to attend their nearest rally or event.

Please ensure all members in your workplace are aware of this campaign and what it means for the future of Australian workers.