School leaders up-skill on approaches to improving student outcomes at CPL course

Experienced and accomplished teachers who participated in the Centre for Professional Learning’s Leading the Lifting of Achievement in Years 7-12 course, left armed with new strategies to support their colleagues to improve practice and subsequently student learning outcomes.

“So many strategies/practical ideas to take back and share,” one member commented on their course evaluation form.

“Fantastic advice on how to lead professional learning in this area. It was refreshing to meet/hear from others with similar goals,” another stated.

Members considered the mindsets, classroom/learning cultures and teacher practices that support students to succeed.

Course participants deepened their understanding of strategies in leading teachers to collaborate on planning, programming, evaluating and improving practice.

They considered the most effective classroom practices to promote student learning and improve outcomes.

Members shared ideas to enhance the use of note taking, reading and writing to create productive learning environments.

Teachers learned techniques to support colleagues in the use of questioning, collaboration, problem solving and analysis to deepen the intellectual challenge for students.

They expanded their student assessment repertoire to build autonomous and resilient learners and contemplated implementing a wider variety of methods for effective feedback, for students and teachers, to establish a formative assessment mindset to promote student learning.

The course will also be held on 9 May at Blacktown.

Completing a Leading the Lifting Achievement in Years 7-12 course will contribute to six hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 1.2.3, 3.3.3, 5.2.3, 6.3.3 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient or Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Another CPL course that may interest you is Leading Aboriginal Education at Newcastle on 26 July.

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— Kerri Carr