Support the student climate change movement on September 20

Members are encouraged to attend a workplace meeting on 20 September — the day of the student-led Global Climate Strike — to consider a motion on climate change that will be sent to state and federal politicians.

“Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing Australia and the world,” declared a decision of Federation’s August Council. “Our children and future generations face a grim future unless action is taken to reduce carbon emissions now.”

The union strongly supports students’ lobbying efforts to put action on climate change front-and-centre of the political debate. Federation Vice President Tim Mulroy said young people are using their collective voice to convince “recalcitrant leaders and representatives” to reduce carbon emissions, introduce sustainable industries with secure employment, and guarantee drinking water and a stable food supply.

Wear green for the climate

Let students know they have your support by wearing green in your workplace for a day in the two weeks prior to September 20, then pledge your support by posting a photo on social media and emailing to [email protected].

Members are also asked to sign the open letter on the Demand Climate Action Now website (, which calls on the government to take urgent action on climate change by committing to publicly-owned, 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030; a just transition to green jobs; and no new sources of fossil fuels.

Teachers who will not be working on September 20 are encouraged to participate in a local rally and also to encourage family and friends to do likewise.

— Kerri Carr

Practical tool in bid to save planet

Education International’s World Congress declared climate change as a priority issue for the global union during the next four years. The peak body published a new guide for education unions and teachers about the climate crisis and suggestions for action. Education:

A powerful tool for combatting climate change can be downloaded from Education International’s website.