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Which temporary teachers are eligible to receive a year of Beginning Teacher Support Funding?

Teachers who:

  • have their full approval to teach by 1 March of the year of the engagement
  • have not yet achieved Proficient Teacher accreditation at the date of commencing their temporary engagement
  • have worked for no more than 406 days in a temporary capacity (excludes casual days) prior to the entry on duty date for the temporary engagement
  • are employed under temporary engagements received by EdConnect by 5pm on 1 March in the year of engagement under a consecutive four-term, full-time temporary engagement within the calendar year.

How is the Beginning Teacher Support Funding used in schools?

Schools will receive a funding allocation that is costed at the equivalent of two hours per week release time for the temporary teacher and one hour per week to release a teaching colleague to provide mentoring support. This time allocation should be given in addition to a teacher’s normal release from face-to-face teaching time. Teachers can negotiate how they use their time including observing other teachers’ lessons, engaging in collaborative practices and targeted professional learning.

Federation believes the funding allocation should reduce the teaching load of a beginning teacher by timetabling it into the eligible teacher’s weekly schedule. This facilitates regular time for teachers and those who are supporting them to plan appropriate development of teaching and learning skills, support to gain accreditation at proficient as well as continuing their induction with the Department of Education at the school level.

Principals are responsible for ensuring eligible beginning teachers are made aware of the support available under the Beginning Teachers Support Funding Policy – 2019.

If you believe you may be eligible but have not received any information or funding contact Federation on 1300 654 367.

Are casual teachers eligible?

Casual teachers, as well as certain temporary teachers, are not eligible to receive Beginning Teacher Support Funding as they do not meet the eligibility criteria. The school, however, should support them in engaging with the Performance and Development Framework and gaining their accreditation or at proficient where required.

School Professional Learning and other funds are to be used for this purpose. All beginning teachers should also receive an induction when starting employment at a school, which includes a workplace orientation, training and support.

Beginning teachers in all employment types are encouraged to attend Federation’s beginning teacher conferences and courses, where workplace conditions and entitlements are explored in more depth, along with accreditation requirements. To find your closest beginning teacher conference visit

Kate Harland, relieving City Organiser