Federation work meets challenges of pandemic

During the COVID-19 restrictions, Federation has faced the challenge of providing professional learning for members and rescheduling many courses, seminars and conferences.

Most notably, Annual Conference was deferred from July to September while the Principals’ Conference has been moved to Friday, 6 November. The timing of the Aboriginal Members Conference and Beginning Teacher conferences have yet to be finalised as the restrictions continue.

While Federation’s Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) was forced to postpone its face-to-face program during term 2, its online courses are not affected. Trade Union Training (TUT) has taken advantage of technology to start a series of webinars to complement courses and seminars.

TUT webinars

The webinars go for one hour, are live, free, offered after school and provide registered professional development hours for teachers maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

The first was held mid-May and focussed on providing support to new Federation Representatives and Women’s Contacts so to better understand their elected role. Feedback from participants revealed they appreciated being able to access training during COVID restrictions.

“These are great, convenient webinars which support ‘job role newbies’ like myself to the particulars of the position,” one said.

These webinars will not replace TUT’s face-to-face program, but will provide members with an option to undertake training during COVID restrictions. Into the future, webinars can assist members who cannot attend face-to-face training due to a range of barriers.

There are three webinars aimed specifically at Federation Representatives and Women’s Contacts:

  • The role of the Federation Representative and Women’s Contact
  • How to run a Federation meeting
  • Talking Union: Building professional networks in the workplace

Other webinars are for members more generally and include:

  • Gaining your teacher Accreditation at Proficient Teacher
  • Maintaining your teacher accreditation at Proficient Teacher
  • LGBTIQ Inclusive Schools
  • Your voice and you

The suite of webinars will continue to be updated and members are encouraged to visit www.www.nswtf.org.au/webinars to view the webinar summaries, or to register for upcoming training.

CPL postponed

COVID-19 regulations regarding gatherings, meant face-to-face courses and conferences at the end of term 1 and all of term 2 were postponed; including the always popular Secondary English Conference, this year called “Speak out Loud and Bold”.

The CPL is working with its partners and presenters to reschedule the face-to-face program for terms 3 and 4 and will publish it on the CPL website as soon as they are confirmed.

Participants who have already completed the first day of a two-day or three-day course will be contacted by the CPL with options for completing the course.

The CPL continues to offer online courses in partnership with Musica Viva and the University of Wollongong; and is working with other partners to promote and deliver high-quality online professional learning. Please check the CPL website regularly for updates.

Teacher-identified professional development

The CPL produces podcastsand a Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) for members. The podcasts and JPL seek to enhance the quality of teaching and public education in NSW and Australia through practical articles and professional conversations for teachers.

Reading JPL articles and listening to our podcasts can contribute to meeting professional learning goals through the Performance and Development Framework as well as contributing to teacher-identified professional development hours for maintenance of accreditation. Access at: www.cpl.asn.au/journal and www.cpl.asn.au/podcasts.