Plenty of interesting resources available to mark Refugee Week 2020

Federation continues to be a proud sponsor of the Refugee Council of Australia’s Refugee Week, 14–23 June. More than ever, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every part of the world, we need a global movement to demand that the safety and rights of refugees and asylum seekers are protected.

The theme for this year’s Refugee Week is “Celebrating the year of Welcome”. The union encourages schools and TAFE colleges to teach about refugees and asylum seekers as well as to take the opportunity to explore the themes of persecution, displacement, journey, sacrifice, hope, courage and fear.

In response to the social distancing restrictions in place across the nation, the Refugee Council of Australia’s Refugee Week team has produced an incredible week of content that people can access from their own homes, together with their families, communities, schools and workplaces. They have join forces with SBS to bring to life the “Share a meal, Share a story” initiative for viewers. Australia’s refugee communities will also offer their talents to showcase the creative arts, movies and other educational initiatives.

The Refugee Council of Australia’s Refugee Week website can be accessed here. The resource page provides links to:

  • video resources — stories to engage students in hearing from people who have had a refugee experience
  • Refugee Week video resources — where you can be welcomed to Refugee Week and hear from the Refugee Week 2020 Ambassadors
  • online posters for Refugee Week 2020
  • webinars, podcasts and films — to provide learning opportunities for students or to access as a staff, faculty, or with family and friends
  • FAQs about the refugee experience
  • classroom resources and a teacher resource kit that can be downloaded for targeted use across K–6, secondary students and young adults in TAFE.

The website also includes links to:

The opportunity to share how your school or community will celebrate Refugee Week and register your event with the Refugee Council of Australia is available here.

Relying on us
Federation members have the option to contribute to the food and supplies drive for the Asylum Seeker Centre, which has been the only source of assistance for many of our asylum seekers and refugees during the COVID19 pandemic. Members can also join with our affiliated organisations and the Australian Education Union nationally to continue to push for a humane, political solution to the crisis created by offshore processing and mandatory detention. With the added crisis of no access to JobSeeker, JobKeeper, Medicare or other forms of assistance for those seeking asylum in Australia, along with the abrogation of responsibility for international students and some visa class holders — a deliberate policy implemented by this Government during the COVID19 pandemic — we must find the courage and determination needed to fight on. Our refugee and asylum seeker students, along with their families, are relying on us to do so.
Get involved by visiting these links: